Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Book Review: The Thinking Photographer by Ian Bradshaw

The Thinking Photographer,by Ian Bradshaw ISBN 0-356-12153-4 Published 1986.

This one is hard to find, but its worth it if you do. Don't let the fact that it was written in the film era put you off; it's a book purely about composition and technique. Imagine picking up a photo technique book today without any mention of Photoshop or image alteration... a book entirely about taking pictures. Really, imagine that! Indeed, there's barely any mention of  techniques such as focus and exposure, except when they have issue with picture composition.

What makes this book so special is that situational topics are covered in an almost flowchart like fashion. Bradshaw starts off with something that anyone might shoot - a portrait, a wedding, sports, etc. - and then guides the reader through a series of pictures. The first images in each section are the compositionally weak ones, and then step by step he shows how each picture can be improved by rearranging the picture elements. In other words, the book is about guiding th reader throguh the thinking process about what makes a good image.

You might be able to find it where I did, in your public library. (Easiest place to find old books). It's well worth it, there just isn't enough written today about effective composition.

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