Thursday, November 25, 2010

Anatomy of a Craigslist Ripoff (Part 5, D7000 Edition)

Original posting as follows -


Nikon D7000 - $1249

 Date: 2010-11-25, 6:45PM PST

Im original Owner this camera Purchase week ago i show u original receipt From local store

come with 2 year warranty
Some financial Reson so why im selling

was purchase this camera $1279 + HST= 1432 total Purchse Last week from local store


Usually there's a a talking point to these scam tear downs, but I think the lesson for this one is pretty clear... if you're going to post a picture of the item, post a picture of the item, not the manufacturer's promotional file. Price is right, and item is right, they picked a hot item that's in short supply. However, despite the large immigrant population around here, I can tell you that even English as a second language is not this bad.

Were you to actually respond to this post, I'd think that you'd find that the perpetrators are likely from out of town somewhere trying to grab your hard earned money.

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