Sunday, November 28, 2010

Good Craiglist Post (Part 1)

For all of the time that I spend picking apart dubious Nikon D700 posts, I thought it was time to share one that is a nice simple post, that doesn't raise any red flags, and which would actually compel me to follow up with the seller.


FS: Nikon D700 Mint Condition <17,xxx - $2200 (Burnaby)

Date: 2010-11-28, 9:34AM PST

Nikon Full Frame camera with superb ISO.

Got all the box, accessories (strap, batteries) and paperwork. There is a tiny scratch mark at the bottom of the camera. Bought in BC and still under warranty (1.5yrs left)

no shipping, local cash only

keywords, d7000, d700, fx, nikon, pro, professional, best, slr, dslr 


This is a beautifully simple ad, the camera practically speaks for itself. The poster doesn't do too hard of a job selling the camera... if I were to hazard a guess, he is probably targeting somebody moving up from a DX camera than than trying to find a professional looking for a backup body. This is very conscientious person, has laid out the fact that there's a scratch on the body ahead of time, which to be quite honest, is something that you would expect from normal use.

The warranty is moot, since Nikon warranties don't transfer... Here in Canada, Nikon warranties last for two years, so 17,000 shutter clicks in about 6 months is a fair amount of usage in six months time, but is not unreasonable if you are dealing with somebody who shoots for a living. It's still relatively young in the life of the shutter mechanism, and the asking price is in line with the current used market.

All in all, this would be worth following up on if you were looking for a used D700.

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