Sunday, November 7, 2010

Misleading Craigslist Ads (1)

Not a ripoff, but a hilarious misrepresentation that went up today...


LEICA summicron f2.0 - $85

Date: 2010-11-07, 11:46AM PST

Comes with Panasonic LC40 camera in excellent condition. All cables, instructions, battery, memory card and original box. Call 778-578-5447 for more info. 

In case  you are wondering about the price, notice that the focal length isn't given. Even if f/2 summicron's are the cheapest line of lenses that Leica has to offer, they don't go for this cheap.... unless they are attached to the the front of a digital camera.... I give you..

$85 for a vintage eight-year old camera? Sure. But it just begs the question, what would the seller do if the buyer just wanted the lens...?

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