Friday, January 28, 2011

Anatomy of a Craigslist Ripoff (Part 6)

Now that the D700 is getting on in years, the D7000 seems to be picking up the slack as the choice bait of scammers:

Nikon D7000 Body ONLY BNIB Never used - $900 (Vancouver)

Date: 2011-01-28, 12:57AM PST

Nikon D7000 BODY ONLY BRAND NEW Never used All accessories and software are still in their plastic wrapping, the box is still sealed, zero actuation count.
Price is firm at $900

CASH ONLY transaction 

So the first thing you have to ask is... if it's brand new and the seller didn't want it, why didn't he just refund it? The post gets around this by offering a rather low price; this baits the people with more greed than brains. Retail for a body only D7000 in our town is $1279. Most legitimate posts of near-new equipment peg the price at just under retail. What happens is that the buyer saves on the tax, which is 12% for us. So it begs the question, why would anybody leave that much money on the table, especially for something that is in short supply? Body-only D7000's are still harder to find that kits as I write.

This also brings up another issue. It goes without saying, but Craigslist purchases of near-new equipment doesn't offer much value. (BTW, the only legitimate reason is if the return period is expired. There's no reason why something that is still returnable should show up on Craigslist.) For the little mount that you save, you'd be missing out on the warranty, which is almost never transferable for camera equipment.

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