Monday, April 4, 2011

The Cheapest Way to Get a Leica M9

This one came up on our Craigslist today:

Leica M9 like new
Date: 2011-04-04, 9:58AM PDT

I am offering this beautiful black Leica M9 in terrific condition. I have owned it for a year, and the camera has been babied and not used very much (under 1500 actuations). It looks as new, and comes in the original box with all accessories, plus a gorgeous handmade leather half case and strap by Luigi Crescenzi. It simply isn't being used as much as it should be, and rather than tie up the money I have decided to move the camera on to somebody who will use it more frequently. There are a few more accessories, such as a Thumbs-Up, and a special bottom plate (M-Mate) with an opening for the SD slot. The case and these accessories are worth at least USD700.

The camera works perfectly, I have had no troubles whatsoever - of course, it takes great images, especially with great Leica or Zeiss glass in front of it.

The camera is leased through Vistek in Toronto. The three year lease has a $10 buyout at the end; one year has passed so there are 24 payments remaining. The buyer would not need to pay me anything, they simply need to assume the lease and for that purpose supply some credit information to the leasing company. There is a small transfer fee which the buyer would be responsible for.

Serious enquiries only. I can provide photos on request to a serious buyer. I also have some M-mount lens that might be available.

Communication by email initially. Thanks.

If you go to Vistek's website, you can see the terms of the leasing program. It's just a shade over $406 CDN a month for three years, or almost $4900 a year. Body only. The $11,299.00 list price has something to do with it... One has to wonder about the economics of this transaction. On the face of it, leasing something this expensive makes sense if you are savvy with your money.. some of it can be doing work while the camera is being paid off. But I think it's plain to see where the buyer's remorse started to kick in. Add on a Summilux lens and you'll have spent enough to buy a new Honda Civic.

I think given that the ad hits all of the right notes and spells out a few details ahead of time, the camera will find a new home. And they key point is, on something this insanely exclusive, the ad hits all of the right notes, which it needs to, since the potential pool of buyers is significantly smaller than your usual Craigslist transaction.

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