Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Anatomy of a D700 Craigslist War

This one showed up first...

Nikon D700 body, mint condition - $2100

Date: 2011-07-12, 9:36PM PDT
12,000 shutter actuations. Like new condition. Local sale and pick-up only, cash preferred.

Then this one came just a little later...

Nikon D700 body, better than mint condition - $2150

Date: 2011-07-12, 10:08PM PDT

6,000 shutter actuations. Like new condition. Local sale only

Well, there are two possibilities, the legit one and the not so legit one. I'll deal with the latter first, since our local Craigslist has been flooded by some goof in Toronto advertising a D700 with AF 14-24 for the absurdly low price of  $1,650.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Panasonic LX5 Review: Jpeg Versus RAW

Much has been said about the LX-5's jpeg engine, and to be honest, the output that you get straight out of the camera is not bad at all. Compared to what you would get from the Canon G12, the results lack a bit of bite, but for most purposes, unless you are comparing pictures side-by-side, you won't miss the difference. That said, I agree with the sentiment that nearly every scene that you could shoot with the LX-5 could be better shot with RAW, though I am also certain that not ever scene will require this.

To begin with, the jpeg versus RAW debate is not a real debate... RAW gives you more detail and control. However, if you nail the exposure and white balance correctly at the time of shooting, then the difference is not as great as some would make it out to be. The remaining advantage will come down to how the file is rendered, and in this, a RAW converter will always win against the in-camera jpeg engine, though in some cases it will be close. it just depends on the situation.

Take this scene for example. Even though there is a lot of detail in the foreground, none of it really matters, as it's not the focus of attention. Because the sky is large expanse of a blue and the clouds are relatively large picture elements, the additional acuity 'bite' that a RAW processed version would offer would be minimal to the picture. However, a the RAW file would give extra leeway in adjusting the exposure... and that will alter how the detail that is captured by the camera is emphasized.

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