Sunday, May 20, 2012

Craigslist Red Flags

Today I impulsively clicked on an Craigslist ad for a lens that I don't really need right now, but which would be nice to have. What got my attention was that the advertised price was about $80-$100 below the current going market price of $400 CDN. I'm not quite ready to call this one a scam, but there are were three really big red flags:
  • The unfortunate use of the ;) emoticon in the posting title
  • The fact that the price was at least $30 less than the next lowest posting seen in the past two years
  • When asked about where the lens was purchased, the seller mangled the name of the store.
Of course, it could be that the seller just wanted to get rid of the lens quick and was a little bit ESL, but why take the chance? If you wait long enough, another item will come up; it's important to never let your guard down to dangers on Craigslist. I've said it before, you have to know what your minimum price is for Craigslist goods...this one was so low it made me uncomfortable. Sellers, if you legitimately do want to sell below the going rate, make everything as clear as possible so that the buyer knows you are legitimate. This guy didn't.

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