Saturday, June 30, 2012

Totally Not Suspicious Craigslist Post

I present this one without much comment, except that I've blocked off a portion of the telephone number  to save the poor victim any further abuse.  I think the situation speaks for itself... it's pretty mean, but I'll admit I did get a laugh out of it. This is definitely "Best of Craigslist" material.

nikon 70-200mm f2.8 vr II - $1150 (e van)

few scratches on the lens but none on the glass. bought it 2 years ago still have receipt.

call *** *** nine o nine nine

its a land line so dont text and i dont have time to read email so just call

my hateful son always pranks on people who call our landline, if he say we are not selling anything just tell him to get sam on the phone. and he will say i am not there so u just have to call again so i can pick up earlier than he does 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

If You Are Thinking About the Nikon D600

Either it's an elaborate long running hoax, or it's a bona fide leak, the Nikon D600 looks imminent. For a lot of DX shooters, this could very well be the chance that they have bee looking at to jump into full frame. However, the cost of the body is only a small part of it, you also have to consider the lenses, and at the prices that new high end lenses are going at, its not going to be cheap buying new. Of course, a general theme here on this blog has been about scrounging around for perfectly good legacy lenses. They say that markets are forward looking, and if that were true, prices would have started edging upwards in anticipation of cheap(er) FX, but for the most part, the used lens market doesn't work that way. Craigslist and eBay prices will probably stay static for good quality legacy lenses until supply goes down, but not before. Of course, you may want to ask why you would spend $1800 or more on camera equipment to use older second hand gear, but that's a different discussion.

Here's a list of older lenses that offer good value. Start hunting these down before the FX market picks up speed, assuming you are moving up from a mostly DX kit. I picked the following to be a good combination of value for money, resell-ability and decent optics to pair with the potential D600: