Saturday, August 25, 2012

And I'm Back

A week goes by quickly... well, actually not for me it didn't. When you're eating yourself silly breakfast lunch and dinner time goes by very slowly.... very slowly indeed. Lot's of natural beauty, in a week, and for that, there was not enough time. But time off is time off, and did I find the extra source of creativity that I was looking for? Maybe, but it's all so hazy and swimming somewhere in my mind along with all of the Hollandaise sauce that I consumed.

This pretty much sums up the tourist traps they dropped us off at along the way.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Off the Grid for a Week

It's been a gloriously hot summer here in Vancouver, and this is the first year in a number of years that I've actually been able to enjoy it. If you have ever wanted to visit here, July and August are the beach months, it's just as warm, or warmer than a Southern California day, except the water is a bit cooler. However, it will be nice to get away from the heat for a while, so I'll be going offline for a bit over a week. That means that I'll be missing out on the torrent of news that will be sure to come from Photokina, but I can live with that, every year brings something new, and it's always about the next thing.... and the next next thing.

Here's a little bit of inspiration for all of you workaholics, like me, who find it hard to detach and rest. Keep enjoying your summer!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Panasonic Lumix DMC LX7: First impressions

In a surprising move, rather than jumping on the compact large-sensor bandwagon à la Sony RX100 and Canon G1-X, Panasonic actually went down in size, from 1/1.6" to 1/1.7". This move seems surprising at first, but it allows for the lens to operate at a full stop wider aperture throughout the zoom range. This also means that the the size of the body and the lens don't change much, and it keeps it's 24mm equivalent wide angle, which is always a plus.