Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nikon D600 Instant Rebates for February 2013

Well, it's back: Nikon's instant rebates program for February 2013.


What's also back is a major typo from the last round of rebates. Nikon does not sell a 24-70 f/2.8 ED *VR* zoom lens... oops (again). You have until March 2nd to take advantage of a number of deals, although the close proximity in time to the last set of rebates suggests that this really isn't a limited time offer. If you discount something often enough, the discounted price becomes the new normal. Of course, I'm being a bit unfair, because the bundled savings go right through the lineup, but B&H's promotional screen *very* prominently displays the D600, which ought to tell you something:

... that it's not selling as fast as Nikon would have hoped. This has nothing to do with the camera itself, as I once proclaimed in a very Ken Rockwell sort of way that it was so good that it needed no review. I reviewed it anyway, and I came away very impressed: expectations met and then some. However, as Thom Hogan has been want to point out, Nikon really doesn't have a clear strategy for the high end DX shooters, and has acted as though the D600 would be a natural progression. It isn't and a hard core group of shooters will adamantly not move up to FX solely because it is "better". So in the end, even if it's cheap FX, it's still more than what we would pay for high-end DX.

The other problem is that the world economy is worse than what economists were hoping for at the beginning of 2012, when the D600 would have been ramping up for production. There's not enough evidence to say that Nikon is over supplied with D600's, but they sure are acting that way. Recall that the  Monday after Photokina 2012, D600's were already in retail stores across North America. Compare that to the D5200, which was announced and then promptly forgotten in North America until almost two months later.

I'm not into conspiracy theories, but the continuation of the D600 rebates and the on-going waiting for new serious and semi-pro DX bodies can't be coincidental.

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