Monday, April 22, 2013

After the Boston Marathon: Vancouver Sun 2013


"Worst parade ever."  - Sign by the side of the road.

With the bombings in Boston taking place just days before the annual Sun Run, things took on a more subdued affair this year. Tribute was paid in the form of blues and yellows, the colours of the Boston Marathon. So for one day, more than 48,000 people forgot about the old grudge against them fir beating us in game seven of the 2011 Stanley Cup, and we all became Bostonians.

Lining up for timing chips on Thursday.
Everybody seems to have the same idea when it comes to cameraphones.

... as were a lot of people.

48,196 people lining up on Georgia St.

A natural for the day. After all, Ms. Pacman does run around a lot.

The after-race in the remodelled BC Place.

All pictures taken with iPhone 4s. Okay, I'll admit it: a Nikon Coolpix A would actually have been nice to have for a day like today.

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