Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Buyer's Remorse: Leica X2 À la Carte

File this under inauspicious purchases... The follow post showed up on our local Craigslist this week; it's likely that the purchasing wisdom (or lack thereof) speaks for itself:

Leica X2 green with green case & strap - $2500 

Apple green edition X2 with green case and strap. Only used once, less than 30 mins. Consider to sell it because I use my DSLR most of the time and thinking about to upgrade it. I have everything (even the receipt) in original condition, almost brand new. Great gift option. Email me if u are serious about it. 

Comment: Yes, there really are people to whom a Leica X2 is throwaway money... The price of the À la carte version of the X2 after taxes is $3000 CDN or more. It's fairly unlikely that the poster only used it for 30min as stated given that half a year has gone by... but anything is possible in Vancouver's market. Other than that, the poster did a good job of outlining the details of the item and addressing any buyer concerns... even going so far as to post a picture of a small blemish on the original packaging and a copy of the original sales receipt.

As a camera, there are now many (better?cheaper?) choices in the compact APS-C category, but as a luxury item, the custom Leica X2's are rather well made, both in the finish of the metal and in the quality of the leather. The item that the poster is selling is the Apple-Green version; it's not a subtle colour choice, but in real life it is visually softer and less lime-looking than in the pictures posted on Craigslist.

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