Monday, March 17, 2014

Gordy's Camera Strap Review: Lug-Mount Wrist Strap

When it comes to modern cameras, the digital aesthetic is decidedly synthetic. There are many camera accessories available on the market, but the vast majority of bags and straps are made from nylon or other made-made fibers. That's understandable; given the qualities of synthetic materials, it's no wonder why they are used for rough-wear applications. However, no touch-wearing material is as evocative as natural leather.

Gordy's is a small family-owned company from Widbey Island, just north of Seattle, WA. They specialize in camera gear straps... wrist, neck and tripod. There products are made with Latigo belt leather, which is the type of leather that is used in saddlework.

The lug-mount wrist strap from Gordy's is as simple as elegant as is possible. There would be a temptation on the part of the leather maker to embellish the strap with finishing stitches, but the edge of the strap is unfinished, exposing the very essence of the leather. There isn't anywhere for the strap to cinch or fold, so the theoretical lifetime of the strap would be longer than a belt or watch band made of the same material. The leather will become more supple with wear; it will likely last into the next camera long after your present camera has become obsolete. An additional bumper is available (not pictured). It mounts as a washer between the strap ring and the camera body to protect the side of camera from scratches.

The strap works well with mirrorless cameras and advanced compacts. (Not surprisingly, Gordy himself is a Micro Four Thirds enthusiast.)  It will also play well with a Leica M, but with the weight of that class of camera, a wider strap would probably be more comfortable. Fortunately, Gordy's has an optional wrist pad to slip over the strap to distribute the load for heavier cameras.

Gordy's wrist Strap with Panasonic GX-7

These wrist traps also make for affordable gifts for cameras enthusiasts. That's no small measure considering how hard it is to buy camera-related gifts given the expensive of having a photographic hobby. All told, Gordy's straps make for affordable luxuries that take the digital world back to a more timeless era.

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  1. Hello, which color leather do you have shown here?

    1. I'm not sure, but I think it's called "russet."