Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sigma WR Ceramic Filter

This is Sigma's promo video for their line of WR glass ceramic filters.

My own test was a little less scientific. It involved repeatedly bashing on it with the butt end of a knife over lunch. Not a mark on the filter and only a few second glances from the wait staff...

Verdict: Yes it's pretty strong. Don't try the same with your fancy B+W MCR Nano filters.


  1. Hi, I miss your articles.
    I hope you'll come back soon :)

  2. Thank you! Actually, I'm still around, but article writing is on a hiatus, likely an indefinite one because of work obligations/conflicts. I'd like to keep the blog going in one way or another, since it goes back some time, but other than the occasional post it's not possible at this time. I still read the comments though.