Monday, May 22, 2017

About that Girl Being Dragged off the Dock by a Sea Lion in Steveston...

By now if you spend any amount of time reading the news or watching videos on the Internet you would have seen the video of the young girl being dragged by her dress into the water. This was in the harbour at Steveston Village, and long time readers will know that a lot of the material in this blog was shot in and around the area. The event itself is surprising in how dramatic it was, but perhaps not surprising in that it happened at all.

Both the sea lion and the girl were ok, but in the words of a marine life specialist, both are were probably shocked by the turn of events. The sea lion mistook the back of the girl's dress for food and everything else happened afterwards. Social media, of course, has not been kind to the family. There is ample signage in the area telling people to not feed the wildlife, but that obviously goes on, especially during tourist season. In all honesty the circumstances are not unusual, but the fact that it went as far as it did is.