Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Banality of Professional Equipment: Meditations on the Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS II USM II

"Beyond the scope of this blog" is the standard excuse I've used over the years whenever I've written about things that I have no business writing about. True professional photography is certainly one of them; and if ever I had proper reason to shoot with an Canon EF 600mm f4 IS USM II then perhaps I would be more versed and qualified to pontificate. However, even for the non-working photographer,  there are a few things that are easy to pick up on when you do get your hands on upper-level equipment. One of the most counter-intuitive is just how easy things can be with pro-grade equipment.

Certainly a EOS 5D Mark IV (like the one above) or a 1Dx Mark II (like the one below) have more features and customization than lesser cameras, but when the time comes, the actual act of shooting becomes so much simpler because of their capability. You would think that there would be some grand sense of the moment using a lens that costs over $11,000 USD , but once you concentrate on the task at hand, things become.... easy.... uneventful even. This is really what "professional quality" should mean; the equipment should be more sophisticated in order to make the job easy.