Monday, October 9, 2017

Vancouver in Anime Form

This one certainly caught the locals' eyes here in Vancouver.

This is the short anime commercial "Warm, Winter Canada," complete with famous Canadian tourist destinations rendered in anime form. (Banff, Vancouver,  Niagara Falls, Toronto) The promotion piece was produced by studio CoMix Wave Films of "Your Name" fame. What's amazing about the Vancouver portions of the film are how instantly recognizable they are, but in a romanticized way. Take these two cuts from Granville Island:

First, the entrance to the public market:


 And the JJ Bean coffee stand inside:

That large stack of cups in the middle is still there!

About the only thing that the film doesn't get right is how absurdly crowded the public market actually is on a weekend. The produce shots in the anime film don't even scratch the surface of the variety that is available inside, but are pretty symbolic of the market itself.

The other Vancouver location the film touches on is the promenade around the Convention Centre (West) in downtown proper, the sculpture is "The Drop".

The web page proper for the tourism campaign is here. As far as "come visit us" campaigns go, it's absolutely gorgeous.  Just as a punctuation on how striking the anime film is, here is a more conventional film of Vancouver  from the same tourism campaign:

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